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Company policy:

Agree with our corporate philosophy and sales model, and common development together.
Have a fixed place of business, Relevant experience preferred in the industry.
Ensuring our corporate products are the main push, Agent Products that do not conflict with other.

Products Advantages:

Division I professional production of cellulose acetate sheet, celluloid sheet, fancy PVC sheet, agate film.  It has sizes large, flexibility, high transparency; bright color, color range.
Specifications: Thickness, 0.17 mm to 40 mm. (Optionally)

General Size, L*W= 2500*1260mm / 2040*930mm / 1840*930mm / 1540*930mm / 1340*930mm / 1680*760mm / 1550*760mm / 2040*730mm / 1840*730mm / 1540*730mm / 1340*730mm / 1580*720mm / 1600*700mm / 1580*620mm.(Customizable)

Agents advantages:

Policy Support: Ensuring the most competitive prices.
Regional Support: Ensuring exclusive agent in the region.
Products Support: Ensuring delivery of the right of priority.
Exhibition Support: Canton fair, Shanghai Music china-expo, Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair, China Processing Trade Products Fair , China-ASEAN Expo.
Advertising Support: Fengdi Discoversources Magazine, Collection For Foreign Trading Purchasing Magazine, POP Fashion Website.
Network Support: Alibaba, Baidu, Google, Global Sources, Guangfan.