Product detail

    Brand:Jiujiang Celluloid



    Thickness:0.2 ~ 3.0mm (Optionally)

    Size:L * W= 1300 * 700mm / 1500 * 700mm/ 1500 * 750mm/ 1500 * 900mm/ 1700 * 750mm/ 2000 * 700mm/ 2000 * 900mm (Customizable)

    Description:PVC film, is a newly-developed environmentally friendly material. Without the smell of paint, it is an ideal material for indoor decoration and furniture making industry.


    1> With characteristics of verisimilar emulation effect, elegant color and luster, super stereoscopic impression,waterproof, acid & alkali resistance, self-extinguishing from fire, ease of use, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, paint free, it's a new type of environmentally friendly products.
    2> It's clearly pattern,stability color, high light fastness, good flatness, low shrinkage, strong viscosity by vacuum, good touch feel.
    3> As it is unfading, it could be simply operated without any paint, which not only shortens the time limit of a project but also cuts down the cost.


    1> It can be used and applied for the surface finishing of furniture, doors, speakers, cabinets, gift boxes, steel etc.
    2> It can be also used as Boeing films with glue, interior decoration and other fields with variety kinds of products.