Product detail

    Brand:Jiujiang Celluloid

    Title:In Mar. Y1038-30


    Thickness:0.17 ~ 5.0mm (Optionally)

    Size:L*W= 1600 * 700mm / 1400 * 700mm / 1500*900 (Customizable)

    Description:Celluloid is used nitro-cotton as the basic raw material, made of camphor and organic solvents.


    1> It has bright color, color range, flash is good, transparent, flexible water & oil, alkali resistance, high strength, easy to molding process etc.
    2> The main disadvantage the material had was that it was flammable, when exposed to temperatures over 150°C.
    3> Celluloid was useful for creating cheaper materials and many items that would earlier have been manufactured from ivory, horn or other expensive animal products.


    It is widely used in manufacture of decorative materials, musical instruments, guitar picks, hair clips, art & crafts (such as artificial pearl, Buddha bead...), eyeglass frames, cultural and educational supplies, military supplies.